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My name… Is really long… xD But please call me Gwen or Gwendi :) I'm 21 years old and I'm from Argentina. English is clearly not my first language so I apologize now for all the mistakes… I like movies, books, actors, drawing, writing, manga/anime, whatever makes me laugh, music and a lot of other things that I'm not going to write because I'm a lazy bastard...
My sidebar gif was made by my friend Anto (crazybitcharoundhere) because I'm an incompetent with photoshop and she's great.
I love talking to strangers and I would love talking to you, so feel free to go and say whatever you want (Even if is not a question, if you are just bored and want to talk or just for the fun of it)
Well, I guess that's all… If you wanna know something, as I said, just ask and I will respond (Or at least I'll try)

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"And the worst thing," Chuck says. "Worse than him using my toothbrush or sharing recipes with Becky or the fact that he never sleeps, like, ever, " Chuck swallows his drink. "The worst thing is that he’s messing with my visions. I don’t even think on purpose, I think it’s just the fact that he’s here and there’s some kind of bleed over and it’s - Yesterday I wrote this whole story where he’s an English professor and Sam’s his best student and - " Chuck stops, puts his head in his arms on the table. "And then there were cowboys."

"Cowboys are cool," Dean says.

"You’d inherited a ranch," Chuck says. "Castiel was your ranch hand, and you’d tie him up with your - "

Dean knocks back his bourbon. Castiel reaches for a cookie, takes a contemplative bite, and hands the rest of the cookie to Dean. Chuck makes a choked sound, like he probably wrote that scene, too.

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