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My name… Is really long… xD But please call me Gwen or Gwendi :) I'm 21 years old and I'm from Argentina. English is clearly not my first language so I apologize now for all the mistakes… I like movies, books, actors, drawing, writing, manga/anime, whatever makes me laugh, music and a lot of other things that I'm not going to write because I'm a lazy bastard...
My sidebar gif was made by my friend Anto (crazybitcharoundhere) because I'm an incompetent with photoshop and she's great.
I love talking to strangers and I would love talking to you, so feel free to go and say whatever you want (Even if is not a question, if you are just bored and want to talk or just for the fun of it)
Well, I guess that's all… If you wanna know something, as I said, just ask and I will respond (Or at least I'll try)

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AU:Dean, he looks shady. His earlier roommate ran away.

Shut up, Sammy. He looks adorable.


Omg I wanted to download How I Met Your Mother but I typed How I Met Your
Brother and I imagined Sam sitting bored on a couch listening to Cas talking
about thousand years before he met Dean


this is so cliche it hurts

I’m sorry


What to draw in angst filled times?  Fluff.


What to draw in angst filled times?  Fluff.


A very productive day at work


A very productive day at work




destiel & memorable quotes (1/2)


Cas in Dean’s robe.

Cas in Dean’s boxers.

Cas in Dean’s old band t-shirts.

Cas in Dean’s plaid flannels.

Cas in Dean’s henleys.

Cas in Dean’s too-baggy jeans.

Cas in Dean’s boots.

Cas in Dean.


destiel & memorable quotes (2/2)

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